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The 90's Style Infinite Canvas Community Webcomic, or TNISCCW for short, is a hobbyist project which attempts to create a webcomic with as much variety as possible by making the community participate in the creation process. The website is styled like the early 90's Internet webpages.

How to contribute

To contribute, send a message to my e-mail address (see Contact) with the topic "TNISCCW entry" and the picture you want to add to the webcomic as an attachment. The entry should follow the following guidelines: The e-mail should contain the following text:
Author's comment:
Special note (optional):
Entries not following the above rules will be either rejected or end up in the Dumpster.


E-mail: s dot sobcz at hotmail dot com.

Other cool sites

None yet! Contact me if you want to be featured.

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